Artwork by Priyesh Trivedi

LISTEN | The Fanculos fascinating blend of ska, funk and reggae in Good Life

The Fanculos’ latest single, ‘Good Life,’ is a fascinating blend of Ska, funk and good old reggae. The band, primarily known for its immersive live sets, stick to its strengths and deliver a solid song.

Frontman Ramon Ibrahim puts his unembellished baritone to delectable use, playing the perfect catalyst to all accompaniments. Particularly impressive are the nonchalant saxophone and bass segments that complement the general relaxed mood of the song.

The guitar solo, a brief and lazy cousin of early 70s psychedelic rock of the King Crimsons and similar acts, makes the song work brilliantly as a concoction of multiple genres. The reggae invariably is the most appropriate groove for the song.

‘Good Life’ is an exciting precursor to the band’s upcoming nine-track album titled ‘The Fanculos Album’, expected to be similarly veined. The conclusive harmonic chorus provides an apt crescendo to the song. This one is for all the good vibes on a lax day.