Sanjeev T, Sid Sriram, Mary Ann Alaxander

Listen: Take My Life With You by Sanjeev T, Sid Sriram, Mary Ann Alexander

Guitarist, vocalist and music producer Sanjeev T has released the fourth track from his album Future, set to release in 2021. This album marks a departure from the fusion genre he has been known for in the past in an attempt to explore a new lo-fi sound.

On the latest track, he comes together with long-time collaborator, music producer and singer Sid Sriram and upcoming Bangalore-based singer Mary Ann Alexander. ‘Take My Life With You’ is co-written by all three of them. Both, Sid Sriram and Mary Ann Alexander perform vocals on the track while Sanjeev T has is credited with the guitar and backing vocals. Sanjeev has been performing live with Sid Sriram for a few years. He discovered Mary Ann Alexander on Instagram, a singer who featured on independent act Citizen Koi’s debut track last month and also released an EP titled Mind Games with her band No Home.

The songs on this album are a result of experimentation Sanjeev has been doing over the course of the lockdown. The recurring theme of the songs released so far also reflects the challenge that this period has been mentally on him and those close to him. Talking about ‘Take My Life With You’, he says, “This one is a special song for me. It’s about the journey of a person whose partner is battling suicidal thoughts—letting them be, without advice or direction, yet constantly holding them close, despite being pushed away.”