Listen: So Good by OAFF, Kayan

A quintessential ambient-pop track makes its way to the independent music scene in the form of OAFF and Kayan’s brand new collaboration, ‘So Good’. With this track, OAFF aka Kabeer Kathpalia, joins hands with Kayan aka Ambika Nayak, the second half of electro-pop duo, Nothing Anonymous, for the second time; their first track together being ‘Heavy Headed’ in 2020.

Kayan’s signature vocals lend themselves beautifully to the reflective songwriting on the track, while electronica elements fill up the song to curate pop perfection. Thematically, ‘So Good’ explores the inner dialogue of doubt that many of us have to confront towards the end of a relationship – an “I can see the end” kind of situation. The refrain expresses this sentiment perfectly, “What if you got back to me, so what if you’re not right for me? I never knew that pain could feel so good”.

Taking its theme into consideration, ‘So Good’ could just as easily have reached us as a mellow ballad. But in the hands of OAFF and Kayan, two artists whose sound is defined by subtle experimentation, the track takes on a different face altogether.

This 3-minute track juxtaposes heavy moments of reflection with upbeat production, offering the listener a space to groove in (should that be the mood they’re in). In any case, this foot-tapping earworm is sure to be an ambient-indie music playlist favourite – one that you’re not likely to hit skip on.