Listen: Sholay by Naezy x MC Mawali x Karan Kanchan

In a time when turmoil seems to have gripped the entire nation, Naezy and MC Mawali team up with producer Karan Kanchan to deliver a fiery commentary via rap. ‘Sholay’, the new single from the house of Azadi Records, sees the Mumbai emcees spit socio-political verses that question the state of India today.

While as a part of rap crew Swadesi, MC Mawali is known for his socially aware performances, ‘Sholay’ marks a return to socio-political rap for Naezy. The Gully Rap pioneer lays bare his perspectives on a series of issues plaguing the country now, including economic oppression of the poor, corruption, religious segregation, and divisive politics.

A torchbearer of the Mumbai rap scene, MC Mawali also delves into delivering his take on the recent turn of events in the country. The ongoing Famer protests, the Indian media’s bigoted coverage, and news turning into a nuisance – the emcee fires incisive protest on them all. “Dimag se hue mand television mai jhaak ke / Dimag mai bhare gandh yeh dange fasad kare / Mare dakaar khana peth bhar ke apne makaan mai khush / per rahe chup jub kisaan mare?”

Rhythm & protest is the narrative of this new rap release from the scene’s stalwarts. Naezy and Mawali’s fiery lyrics and Karan Kanchan’s production chops on ‘Sholay’ shape the single as a wake-up call to the nation, or as Naezy aptly puts it “So rele jo, hum unko jaga rele.”

Listen to ‘Sholay’ now.