LISTEN | Second Sights debut EP The Violet Hour

Mumbai-based indie singer-songwriter duo is out with its subtle and tenacious EP The Violet Hour.

With every nuance in the sonic territory crystal clear and within reach, this 4-track EP is well-crafted. Anusha Ramasubramoney and Pushkar Srivatsal have interwoven their vocal prowess into a strong debut.

What adds to the charm of the EP is the subtle, yet euphoric string section. From the cello to the violin, the interplay of music cannot go unnoticed. Moreover, the string section is interlaced with eerie and sporadically sad instrumentation in places, capable of keeping the listeners up all night with an odd sense of gloom.

Additionally, Tanvi Shah’s spoken word performance on the last track, ‘Remember (Chérie)’ (written by Devika Karnad) adds to the charm of the album with a grounded instrumentation in the background. The Violet Hour will hold you for long and shed your guard to leave you vulnerable, yet satisfied.