Sawal baava and bluedoor project

Listen: Sawāl by Baava & Bluedoor Project

“Musical storytellers” – that’s what Hansal Suthar and Mayank Singh of the acoustic pop-rock duo, Baava & Bluedoor Project, call themselves. And a listen of their most recent release, ‘Sawāl’, depicts the accuracy of that description. In fact, much of their discography solidifies their desire to tell stories of the human condition and its contradictions as well as capture the vulnerabilities we all find ourselves faced with. 

‘Sawāl’, one of five tracks on their recently released EP, Dāstān, is an earthy-toned acoustic-rock track that lulls you into paying attention. It takes its time. The first minute of the track is filled by bars of elegantly plucked guitar strings. Soon afterwards, the pace picks up. The sonic landscape of ‘Sawāl’ is steadily filled up by a grounded vocal arrangement delivered by Surthar, swaying strums of the acoustic guitar and the addition of various string and percussive elements throughout the 6-minute build up. 

Just as you begin to settle into the comfort of the track, an evocative arrangement of electric guitar riffs and deliberate percussion gently push you into thought. 

Of the latest release, Baava & Bluedoor Project says, “Sawāl, as the name suggests, asks some fundamental questions about regret, hope, loss, repentance, and decisions. Why is it that we, as humans, only realise the value of something once we have lost it? Till how long will this vicious circle continue where we make decisions with all our heart and achieve something, only to give it up, and measure and regret the loss later?” 

‘Sawāl’ is a cycle of carefully crafted arrangements, questions and emotions – a sonic parallel to the cycle of receiving and losing many of us are familiar with. This track and the EP it belongs to are worthy signifiers of what the duo’s sound is sure to grow into.