Listen | Sambar Soul by Aditi Ramesh

An exceptionally diverse artist, lawyer-turned-musician Aditi Ramesh is known for the effortless blending of her Carnatic roots with western and contemporary sounds. Continuing her everlasting evolution as a musician, she has experimented with jazz-inspired structures and layered R&B vocals on her latest groovy offering ‘Sambar Soul’.

The song was made with help from guitarist Mohit Rao who has produced, mixed and mastered the project. The track has a cheeky undertone owing to the writing, the playful delivery of the lyrics and accents like the Tamil ad-libs that when translated, list out the ingredients for a recipe for sambar. 

The Mumbai-based singer-songwriter chancing upon a comment on her live stream from earlier this year is what inspired this track. A song about breaking away from the need for generalization, categorization and genres for artists, ‘Sambar Soul’ is an open rejection of labels.

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