Vasundhara Vee Run

Listen: Run by Vasundhara Vee

Mumbai-based Vasundhara Vee has released a new song after a break, a departure from her previous material with associated acts, like Adil & Vasundhara or more recently, Merkaba. Starting out as a solo artist after over a decade in the independent industry, the jazz vocalist is now showing the path forward the way she envisions it, with her single ‘Run’.

The song is about taking a break to get back in touch with yourself, going on a journey of unlearning and learning, and arriving at a place where one can be at peace with themselves. ‘Run’ is inspired by and written from Vasundhara’s “notes to self” and is an honest and confident depiction of her state of mind. She says, “Run is most importantly about going back to the self that we judged and ditched and forgot about—while we were too busy caring about external things. It’s about self-care and loving every version of ourselves that we have inside—the child, the wise one, the crazy one, the maverick, the artist, the pained one, the sleeping one, the silhouetted one.”

She sounds evolved, both, musically and lyrically, and the energy really comes off in the accompanying music video, one that uses colour very creatively to create the right vibe. ‘Run’ is produced by music composer Dhruv Ghanekar who has given music for Hindi films like Drona and MP3: Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar.