Andy the Crocodile
Artwork by @moonshineart_

Listen: Requiem For Love by Andy The Crocodile

Chennai-based Anand Manivannan aka Andy the Crocodile released his diverse debut EP Scars & Wounds in June last year and found his footing in easygoing ditties which actually uncovered some uncomfortable and intimate situations.

His latest single ‘Requiem For Love’, which was written two years ago, is in a similar space. The
charming acoustic guitar plucking lays down the foundation for Andy’s distinctly warm voice, even
though he’s talking about losing a loved one and feeling regretful. “I put the track out because I felt it was appropriate to people at this moment, with all the losses going around,” the singer-songwriter says, referring to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.

Andy holds on morosely to a fading memory, singing in a seemingly earnest jazz vocal style. While he was keen to promote Scars & Wounds, the artist says he’s likely to bide his time a little longer and write more music. “I was expecting to extensively tour the country through this year to promote Scars & Wounds; along with an upcoming single but the pandemic put a halt to the music video production and the release has been postponed to a tentative Jan 2021 date.”

The new material picks up where the opening track ‘Hope’ of 2019’s Scars & Wounds left off, in terms of “cathartic themes”. Andy adds, “I decided to go the opposite way and release ‘Requiem For Love’, as it seemed more appropriate for this climate. I’m hoping to begin touring as soon as the situation improves.”

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