Redbull premieres

Listen: Redbull premieres four new tracks

Red Bull Premieres recently released its newest roundup of fresh tunes from around the country. The music property’s monthly showcase is compiled by producer and multimedia artist Spryk aka Tejas Nair. In 2018, he started his own record label, Skip-A-Beat.

The July edition comes with two exciting collaborations between Karan Kanchan and Ramya Pothuri, and Parimal Shais and Hanumankind. Two solo tracks from yesnomaybe and Anushka complete the second collection. 

Hanumankind, the Bengaluru rapper’s new offering with producer Parimal Shais is a formidable yet club-friendly declaration of their roots. ‘S.L.A.B’ is a certified mosh pit anthem, packed with frenetic beats and an irresistible, anthemic hook. The blend of Indian instrumentation with explosive, bassy production harks back to Shais’ seminal debut, ‘Kumarikandam Traps Vol. 1’. It’s a solid reunion from two of Indian rap’s most promising names.

Next up, Yesnomaybe contributes ‘The Other’, off his forthcoming EP. It’s a brooding electronic track featuring bassy, skittering production and nihilistic lyrics. The solo audio-visual project of Akshat Nauriyal, Yesnomaybe was an attempt to channelize his creative expression. For example, the visuals on his debut track ‘Ashes’ were created using custom-built augmented reality (AR) filters.

After this, Goa-based Photographer-DJ Anushka aka Anushka Menon sizes up internet trolls in ‘Take’. Following up last year’s ‘Falling’, this track spotlights her rich medley of musical influences and love for bass. The free-flowing production is steeped in plenty of edginess and punctuated with snatches of DnB and dance breaks.

And in what’s perhaps the most unexpected collaboration here, producer Karan Kanchan and singer-songwriter Ramya Pothuri team up on the funky ‘Wonder’. Known for a more indulgent and boisterous sound, here, Kanchan keeps it simple but effective with a slithering bassline and classic ‘80s four-on-the-floor. 23-year old Pothuri’s emotive vox hovers atop the beat for a track that’s as downtempo as it is danceable.

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