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Listen: Prabh Deeps surgical flow in Maya

The recent explosion of talented Indian MCs storming the hip-hop scene in India has barely gone unnoticed. Amongst the rubble, you are sure to discover the gem that is the Delhi-based Punjabi rapper Prabh Deep. The rapper’s unique voice and flow garnered the attention of most of the hip-hop scene a couple of years ago with his seminal debut album, Class-Sikh (number 2 on A Humming Heart’s Top 20 Indie Albums of 2017). On this record, Prabh Deep was able to cement his reputation as one of the rappers to look out for with his infectious hooks, clever songwriting with catchy beats to go with.

On his latest track, ‘Maya’, the rapper takes things one step further. He wears his clear influences from the west on his sleeve. The track keeps the listeners on their toes with its multiple beats and flows switches. The underlying melody is a blend of the beats that accompany your typical jazz-rap single and psychedelic production elements. Harshit ‘Hashbass’ Misra, who’s also part of Prabh Deep’s hip-hop outfit The One Eight Project, supplies the top-notch bass. Prabh Deep himself owns the track with this incredibly smooth and hypnotic flow, laying infectious and socially conscious bars faster than you can keep track of. His lyricism is something to behold at as not only are the bars and rhyme schemes laid out with incredible precision, but they are teaming with subtext, double entendres and a lot to say under the surface.

Prabh Deep has once again proven that his brand of exciting and technically masterful hip-hop is a force to be reckoned with in the scene.