Listen: Poetry on a Bus EP by AshwinnIyerr

19-year-old Chennai-based producer Ashwin Iyer weaves a lo-fi short story that doesn’t go seeking for answers but is content with quick contemplation on his 2-track EP Poetry on a Bus. The project is a fleeting stroll through love, loss, heartbreak and thoughts from a single room. It’s a laidback and chill sequence of thoughts over bursts of guitar and groovy sonics.

‘No Escape’ opens with a classic indie-pop aesthetic, smooth lovelorn vocals with
catchy guitar licks. With its poignant lyrics and earnest vocals from Pratyush Shankar, the track is a rare modern independent piece that seems inspired by classic pop music craft from yesteryears.

On ‘Poetry on a Bus’, Ashwin Iyer lays down a curtain of sounds and ambience as Pratyush Shankar croons. Hrday Sunil joins in with an emotive guitar solo that’s very reminiscent of Blackstratblues. Mellow, bluesy and made to be played on loops on rainy evenings, the track is an easy listening essential.

On a dual-track narrative, Ashwin Iyer doesn’t take listeners on a long journey but
makes it a memorable one, nevertheless. Poetry on a Bus is less than 7 minutes in length but is sure to stay floating on your mind for much longer. So, grab that cuppa, put your headphones on, lie down on your bed and press play.