Listen: Pancakes or Waffles by Aarya

Is it too early to be looking for a slow summer night jam yet? Either way, the newest contender we’ve stumbled upon is singer-songwriter Aarya Gadkari aka Aarya’s charming new single titled ‘Pancakes or Waffles’. The smouldering acoustic track is built over a formidable groove and sugary lyrics trying to win over a lover: “So is it pancakes or waffles/Or no breakfast for me?”

Guitar-led music has been the artist’s signature sound, but the slower tempo and arrangement in this track really make it soar. While the songwriting strikes the perfect balance of silly and sweet, the slinky, slow-burning instrumentation carries it several notches above your classic indie love song. Minimalist, but coloured in at just the right points, the strings are a nice touch that adds a grounding layer of warmth. Also on display is his effortless vocal performance which blends the best of soul and pop.

“I hope this song is special for all those who have a ‘special someone’, and for those who haven’t found that person yet, I hope this song motivates you to get out there and bring out your inner Casanova”, he said in a statement posted to his socials.

With two EPs under his belt (2017’s One Year, One House and 2018’s Roots), Aarya has consistently proven that he can deliver wholesome, balanced songwriting all while nailing different styles in the acoustic genre. As the weather warms up, here’s a perfect track to slow dance to on a breezy evening.