Artwork by Shloka Pandey

Listen: On Days Like This EP by PA System

Debut releases are exciting. In the past four months, not many new acts have managed to find space and the ideal occasion to ‘announce’ themselves. However, Chennai-based indie-pop band PA System did not hold back. The five-piece outfit, with influences ranging from the 70s like the Beatles to modern pop/rock influencers like the Coldplay, strung together a jukebox lasting a little over eleven minutes.

On Days Like This features three compositions that create sonically uniformity and a character that gradually, albeit effectively, defines the band’s ideology. The subtle arrangement, charming vocals, and unambiguous lyrics create an immediate impression right from the first track. Titled ‘Save Me’, the song addresses the infamous toxic environment that one becomes quite adjusted to, before struggling to find an easy escape.

The following track ‘She’ centres around the woman, love or passion that one must let go of, despite the attached dreams. Lyrically, the EP speaks volumes about how a message can be delivered without holding a mask of complex emotions to its face. The final track ‘Fair Weathered’ cautions about the convenient love that stays only when it needs.

This EP is not about the heartbroken ‘youth years’ or a walk down the memory lane. On Days Like This, as the name suggests, is simply a reminder that better days can be attained. But on the other days, it’s quite alright to absorb what one feels.

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