LISTEN | If I Dive Drunk from Ramya Pothuri and Tanya Shahs Water & Rum

‘If I Dive Drunk’ is the new single from the precocious new duo, Water & Rum. The Mumbai-based outfit include the harmonising voices of Ramya Pothuri and Tanya Shah. This track has been released in follow up to the duo’s debut single, ‘Vacant’ released last month. Both tracks have been produced and mixed by Rishi Bradoo, who has also worked on the new record from Achint & The Khan Brothers.

Water & Rum has a clear and shiny cornerstone. The confluence of Ramya, who is also part of Mumbai-based Ladies Compartment, and Tanya’s voices is a melting pot of clairvoyance. ‘If I Dive Drunk’ is a beautiful song, one of encompassing love, and of the trust that is entwined. The track gloriously spins in the last couple of seconds, lingering, burrowing inside of your head.