Naezy Aafat Waapas Album Cover

Listen: Naezys tenacious comeback Aafat Waapas

Mumbai-based rapper Naved Sheikh a.k.a Naezy has released his latest track ‘Aafat Waapas’ bringing his signature songwriting and flow.

The track marks the return of the Kurla rapper, after a brief hiatus that followed his 2017 single ‘Aane De’.

‘Aafat Waapas’ can be classified as a sequel to one of his iconic tracks ‘Aafat’, which came out in 2014. On ‘Aafat’, Naezy spoke about his neighbourhood (Bombay 70) and the lives of the people living there. His latest too, revisits and touches upon similar themes. Right from the get-go, he raps about his difficult upbringing and how rapping gave a meaning to his life.

‘Aafat Waapas’ has been produced by Naezy, along with Phenom, who previously worked with Divine on tracks like ‘Kaam 25’ and ‘Farak’. Phenom’s dynamic production and siren-like synths give the song a much needed sense of urgency and attention which is apt for a comeback track.

It’s worth noting that Naezy has timed his comeback immaculately, building up the hype with the social media silence and later, the success of Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy.