Listen: Multicoloured Dreams by Merak

It’s never a bad time for a new song about the sea, the sun, and getting high. With that in mind, Goa-based electronic duo Merak made their label debut on Feb 22. The brand-new lo-fi single ‘Multicoloured Dreams’ by Merak, which means finding joy in the simple pleasures of life in Serbian, is a dreamlike and psychedelic offering from siblings Brendan and Belinda Mendes. 

Released via Recordings, the track features Brendan’s languid electronic arrangements and Belinda’s vocals, evoking bedroom pop as much as shoegaze with sizable influences of The Marias, Homeshake, Cuco and Japanese Breakfast. Layers of moody synth lines complement Belinda’s Kevlar-coated twee, emanating a weary sort of innocence, as the artists celebrate (and join) a long tradition of songs about Mary Jane.

As Goa natives, the Mendeses choose to focus more on the story than the genre, as their songwriting delves into live experiences of growing up by the sea. ‘Multicoloured Dreams’ showcases their familiarity with the sights and sounds of swirling patterns and shapes that colour their “blurred, happy memories.” The lyrics are full of relatable entendres about the sativa –making a paper boat with origami, and spending time with Marley, to cite a few examples – all packaged in a well-meaning invitation for listeners to embark on this cheap vacation. 

The song’s sluggish dreaminess is further heightened by the downtempo beats and shiny seasoned production (marked by Brendan’s effortless manoeuvring of various instruments reflecting off of Belinda’s choir-trained vocals), which help capture the carefree and blissful mood of both the song and its makers. 

‘Multicoloured Dreams’ from Merak is a breezy listen especially if you are stuck indoors, craving a sea-cation. All you need to do is lie back, smile and picture yourself waking up on a golden beach paradise with the sun on your face. Don’t forget to press play.