Listen: Mona Lisa Smile by Gouri and Aksha

Mumbai-based duo Gouri Ranjit and Aksha Kini have released ‘Mona Lisa Smile’, the first track off their upcoming debut EP. The song is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own and “the still controversial idea of women needing their space and time with their art”. The lyrics are quirky, the music upbeat, yet there is a certain gravitas to the overall song, which stems mostly from the vocal delivery by the two.

Gouri and Aksha’s voices beautifully complement each other’s, and have a lovely neo-soul quality to it. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the duo branch into more traditional jazz from here either—perhaps something for the future.

For now, they’re still only three songs old, and we’re eager to see what they put forth on their upcoming EP.