LISTEN | Engaging new single Mistake by Delhi-based NOKNOK

Delhi-based band NOKNOK, comprising Sumant Balakrishnan, Nikhil Vasudevan, and Amar Pandey, bring a lot to the table considering the experience they have had as musicians. Having been a part of bands like Barefaced Liar, the Ska Vengers, and Zokova, the young musicians manage to bring forth varied experiences and sounds from past associations, churning it into a concoction of rugged blues and rock. 

NOKNOK’s latest single ‘Mistake’ builds itself through cascading riffs, breaking for several instrumental interludes and concluding with a mildly energetic guitar solo. Although the lyrics are unimposing, the beat is funky and will keep the listener bopping to the tune. The candid group agree on a shared vision about the kind of music they make. It certainly reflects in their musical techniques and undertones, making their style synonymous to the “pop-hop blues” genre as they call it.