Listen: Mind by Chrms ft. Sabu

Being labelled as “India’s Youngest Electronic Music Producer” at age 16 by the media is no joke. Mumbai based prodigy, Veer Kowli goes by the name chrms (pronounced “charms”), and needs little introduction to those following the electronic music scene. His fascination with film, music and art from a very young age and his meteoric rise to fame in the Indian electronic circuit has been documented numerous times already. His music is instantly recognisable for incorporating elements of dream pop, chamber pop, ambient and psychedelic music which lends itself to his trademark chill/mellow aesthetic.

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En route the release of his debut EP, Lover Boy, on 10th June, 2019, he has given us a taste of what he has been upto recently with the track, ‘Mind’. Singer – songwriter Andrew Sabu’s ennui laden vocals blend beautifully with the dreamy quality of the track, as he effortlessly hurtles back and forth between his falsetto and baritone. The production on this track is nothing short of a walk down the yellow brick road. Chrms creates a dreamy, pulsating and fluidic scene with lowkey percussion, sparse instrumentals and pulsating synth warbles. The track ends up spouting a textured and colourful atmosphere, which is only elevated by Sabu’s effortless vocals.

The stream of consciousness lyrics are just as abstract as the production and seem to talk about the protagonist trying to decode and understand mixed messages from a lover. The lyrics also feature themes of fate and destiny when he tries to invoke his “psychic powers” to make this process easier.