Listen: Miles to Coltrane by the Revisit Project, Chezin

Delhi-based funk-jazz fusion collective, the Revisit Project, have hit the ground running in 2021. Their second release tells a love story in the form of a mellow ballad and features Delhi-based singer Chezin.

Accompanied by a quaint lyric video animated by Navya Baranwal, ‘Miles to Coltrane’, is the Revisit Project’s first attempt at a ballad; serendipitously, they’ve hit the nail on the head. 

Talking about the theme of the new offering, the group wrote on social media, “The song takes us through the beginnings of a relationship and metaphorically compares the camaraderie and affinity that the couple share for each other to the legendary jazz duo of Miles Davis and John Coltrane.” 

They further explained, “Much like the golden years of those stalwarts brought about some of the most memorable moments in music, the love among the couple shall blossom into an unforgettable journey for the two.” Bringing the feelings that surround a “it was great while it lasted” relationship under a sonic lens, this song is a sunshine-y exploration of a confusing moment in any relationship.

Making references to modern-day love and romance – dating apps and the like – the lyricism on this one walks the tightrope between past and present connotations of love, and so, in places, comes across as a tad bit disjointed. But, coupled with Chezin’s silky smooth tone and a sophisticated, and approachable arrangement, this track will have you swooning on first listen. 

‘Miles to Coltrane’ by The Revisit Project and Chezin is a track you can easily find yourself unwinding or sharing a dance to.