Listen: Mariner 9 by Martian Scape

Mumbai electronic project, first announced by Mumbai-based percussionist and music producer Vishal J Singh back in 2019, has released its debut single ‘Mariner 9’.

The track, which borrows its name from NASA’s 1971 Mars exploration spacecraft, features hypnotic vocals by Tamara Mayela on a futuristic sound canvas prepared by Vishal. He creates a sense of impending lift off with the samples of beeping computers and glitch noises, while Tamara’s atmospheric vocals float over it.

Vishal further aids the build-up with his rousing drumming and spiraling percussions. The pay-off is a calming combination of gyrating synth arpeggio, a melodic violin solo while Tamara’s vocals continuing to flutter over the soundscape.

Martian Scape was announced over two years ago and the project played a couple of shows in the late 2019 before the world was to come to an abrupt halt in 2020. The track definitely benefits from being on the drawing board for an extended period of time and should give electronic music aficionados something to look forward to.

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