Listen: Malkauns by Honeysuckle Weekends

After impressing with ‘Jog’ and ‘Bageshri’, Honeysuckle Weekends’ latest track is another exploration of a Hindustani Raag within the bandwidth of electronica much like their previous outings. This time, the two-piece outfit have gone for the soberly pleasant Malkauns, revamping the popular Chhota Khayal, ‘Piya Sang Lar Pacchtaani’.

The song kicks off ambiently, with tender guitar and bass strokes welcoming the earthy vocals in. Despite its scalar ambitions, the duo has ensured to not compromise on the essence of the source material, retaining the tranquil pathos associated with Malkauns.

The reinterpretation stays humble and decipherable with its production, letting the Khayal bloom in due course. Implementing a minor Harmonium based interlude to give the listener the charm of both worlds, the vocalisation strives to be authentically raw while also being adequately evocative. Even in its bass drop, the song chooses to keep it drawly, not striving to startle. The song stays uniformly groovy and ends on a predictable yet pleasant median. ‘Malkauns’ is very much a worthily lax weekend listen. 

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