The Revisit Project Locked Away
Artwork by Afeef

Listen: Locked Away by The Revisit Project ft. Vrnda Dhar

The Revisit Project, one of the country’s most promising jazz-funk groups, is back with their newest single. Touching on everything from mindless hoarding to the need for rest, ‘Locked Away’ has the group translate lockdown blues into a deliciously mellow, funky tune. It’s a more downtempo follow-up to the band’s previous single ‘Take That Sorry (Up Yours)’, but the groove remains strong. 

More than anything, the track showcases the group’s growth and chemistry as a unit; they feel more in sync than ever. The vox is breezy and effortless with vocalist Vrnda Dhar’s smoky timbre anchoring the first half. Towards the tail end, Kanu Gangahar’s glitzy guitarwork, Karan Wadhwa’s bass licks and Abhay Sharma’s sax solo are each given the spotlight before the main groove returns to wrap things up. 

“A pandemic in modern times is the most underhanded catastrophe we could have hoped for. Derailing all grand plans and any hope of immediate respite, the lockdown has us pinned down, with an infinite countdown waiting for us to give in. Taking a cue from Victor E Frankl, here’s our search for meaning, our honest account of what our lives have become”, they wrote on social media. The song also comes with an accompanying music video. 

As their name suggests, the seven-piece outfit started off by revisiting works of greats like RD Burman and AR Rahman, serving them up in a fresh jazzy avatar with head-bopping funk melodies. Since then, they have expanded their repertoire to include original and non-instrumental tunes that have their signature funk-leaning sound with a blend of pop and soul elements.

The Revisit Project released their first album titled Here We Go in 2017, followed by 2019’s back-to-back releases, Brown Man’s Funk and Born in Delhi. They’ve since re-jigged their release schedule and dropped their last single, ‘Take That Sorry’ back in March 2020.

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