Cover art
Artwork by Ashwini Hiremath

Listen: Labels by Pratika, Krantinaari, PrabhuNeigh

Mumbai-based rapper and growler Pratika and singer Krantinaari try to ignite a conversation about hierarchical power structures and people oppressed by the system through their single ‘Labels’.

Produced by Pratika’s brother Pritesh Prabhune aka PrabhuNeigh, the track packs a dissenting punch, backed by some fierce verses that switch between Hindi and English without a hitch.

Talking about the title of the song, Krantinaari writes on her Instagram: “The title ‘Labels’ comes from the idea of labelling people based on many racial, classist and casteist age-old ideologies that are still dissecting communities.”

The song also remains successful in trying to provide some optimistic notes to the listener, despite having a very ominous sound through its runtime. “Even if they try, they cannot divide, unity and justice will shine for the ones who die!” emphasises Pratika in one stanza.

“We strive to address matters that directly affect individuals and society as a whole, and only thought it would be good to consider penning down verses together,” said the trio about their common message.