Listen: Khoya Sa by Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Aman Sagar

New Delhi based singer Sanjeeta Bhattacharya just dropped her latest track, ‘Khoya Sa’. The nostalgic sitar-funk jam featuring past collaborator Aman Sagar deftly blends the best of both worlds. The album artwork, reminiscent of an ‘80s-era Bollywood film poster, is a nod to this as well.

‘Khoya Sa’ invites the listener to lean into that overpowering feeling of being lost in love, maybe even embracing it. Sagar’s sunny harmonies work in breezy tandem with Sanjeeta’s honeyed vocals. The track eases the listener in with its traipsing guitar and R&B instrumentation, settling into a swirling funky groove of delicious bass and twinkling sitar motifs. The delightfully languid guitar work makes it the perfect slow-dancing-in-your-room-solo tune.

The music video, co-starring singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar, promises to be an exciting theatrical rendition of an undeniable attraction. “‘Khoya Sa’ is a story revolving around two women in the 21st century sub-urban India who are confused by our cultural notions of conventional love. Though they are bound by society, their love soars free within them”, says Bhattacharya in a statement.

As ever, she continues to impress us with her ability to nail every new genre or style she tries. And with that, our anticipation for her debut album grows and grows!