Listen: Inaaya by Saurabh Trivedi and Suyash

Budding names in the independent music scene, Saurabh Trivedi and Suyash, have arrived with a wonderous ballad about all things love. Titled ‘Inaaya’, this 5 minuter was conceptualised, written and produced by Suyash and Trivedi in collaboration with each other. The song attempts an exploration of a love that is more spiritually inclined; a divine love. ‘Inaaya’, when translated to English, means “Gift of God”. 

Thematically, the track is constructed as a love letter to a child. Often perceived as the purest, most innocent and unconditional form of love, a child’s way of loving and seeing the world comes with its own, well known cultural connotations. And, this song taps into all of them. 

Occupying space in the light rock/ pop-rock genre, ‘Inaaya’ also features subtle elements of fusion music. An evocative opening on the flute, courtesy Shikhar Agrawal, opens this tune. The mellow, honey-drenched vocals on the track are supported by a steady and rich piano section. Characterised by its sonic sparkle and wonderous ambience, ‘Inaaya’ knabs the fairytale-like, almost-magical experience of love it tries to convey. At the third minute of the track things take a turn for the fierce as a high-energy, rock-like drumming section (Ronit Sejwani) and heavy guitar riffs (Sagar Saluja) make their way to the arrangement. iu

With ‘Inaaya’, the artists hope to “remind [listeners] about the love that they must cherish and spread all around them”. Whether or not that particular intention comes to fruition, is yet to be seen.