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Listen: Agam dropped two compelling songs back-to-back

The Agam band launched a new series ‘Sessions from the Space’ on YouTube near the end of the last year. A single from the first episode ‘Thoomani Maadathu’ is now available on streaming platforms.

Agam takes a beautiful octet from the celebrated 7th century compilation Thiruppavai; a lovely start to their series reflecting on the rich cultural and musical South Indian legacy. Set in raag Hamir Kalyani, the band lends their magical touch to the serene and divinely composition by Shri. Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar. Many immersive serene film compositions in this raag conjure a similar effect – e.g., the stunning ‘Malargale’ by AR Rahman in the film Love Birds. Harish Sivaramakrishnan eases into this song in a characteristic way. The band executes the rock fusion with admirable restraint and great finesse.

The band also added a new song to their album ‘A Dream to Remember’ (that has been unrolling over the past couple of years). Titled ‘The Seventh Ocean’, it is a classical thillana composed by Lalgudi Shri. Gopala Iyer JayaramanThe rock fusion here is much more prominent. It begins with a long and an electric prelude lined by bass and drums before Harish’s bold vocals kick in. It is a compelling addition to their sophomore album.

Listen to ‘Seventh Ocean’ on Apple Music

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