Zoe Siddharth
Artwork by Zana Siddharth

Listen: Human by Zoe Siddharth

An actor, model and singer-songwriter, Chennai-bred Zoe Siddharth sings about love and empathy on her debut single ‘Human’. At the juncture we’re at owing to the pandemic, there’s a constant reiteration from artists (as well as regular human beings) that perhaps compassion is the need of the hour. 

When it comes to music – especially Indian independent – we’ve seen and heard plenty that draws from the idea of kindness and understanding at a time of mounting troubles but it can still be overdone. Siddharth, a contestant who made it to the finals of singing competition The Stage 3, clearly knows how to navigate a topic that comes from her heart.  

With a production assist from Krishh Dutta in Bangalore, ‘Human’ has all the makings of a stirring pop ballad. Informed by questions of how regularly we appreciate friends and family and the need for emotions to humanise us, the song goes through a slow but swelling arrangement. She adds in her note about the song, “Sometimes in our lives, things take bad turns – these harsh times however, have the ability to take so much from us till everything goes numb, we are unable to feel anything, lose the quality of our being. These are the moments when we need those people who stay, reach their hands out into our darkness and pull us back up, to help us feel again, be human again.” 

Grateful for her support system, Siddharth also finally ventures out into releasing her own material with ‘Human’, considering she’s been previously known for being a singer on ‘Warning Signs’, off the second season of web series Four More Shots Please!. The first of more studio material that spotlights yet another promising young voice, we hope. 

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