LISTEN | Hook releases their raw and tenacious ‘Blank Spaces’

Alternate rock outfit Hook released their debut EP Blank Spaces earlier this month. 

The Mumbai-based band’s album is ‘about the insignificants, the ones who are always there and yet never really there’ and is an amalgamation of raw beats and lyrics with substance. 

With Gaurav Banerjee on vocals, Pushkar Joshi on the drums, Titus Pinto on the bass, Chinmay Agharkar, and Nikhil Vernekar on guitars, Blank Spaces has given their music a grounded turn, lulling the lovers of solid riffs and solos into a sweet dream. 

What’s really commendable is the groove with which Joshi sneaks in on the instrumentation and melody while a wail of distortion clouds around the raspy vocals of Gaurav.