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LISTEN | Himachal Pradesh based composer Sutej Singhs track Oceans Apart

Many might say Solan is a small town where nothing exciting ever happens. Sutej Singh would beg to differ.

The guitarist based out of Himachal Pradesh is releasing his eight-track (entirely instrumental) album The Emerging. The first single from the album, titled ‘Oceans Apart’ is now out. Heavy on guitar riffs, the track is theatrical and melodious, which makes us hopeful for the entire album that would be released in May. In a time where the mainstream is not entirely inclined towards instrumental acts, Singh’s choice and production are even more admirable.

‘Oceans Apart’ starts with a simple melody that grows as the song progresses, eventually becoming loud and boisterous. The track is long, at its seven and a half minute long life, and it is thoroughly enjoyable.