Listen: Heal by Aditi Ramesh feat. Tre Ess

Singer-songwriter Aditi Ramesh debuted a new song titled ‘Heal’ on April 24; enlisting Tre Ess, producer and rapper from Ranchi, on production and engineering duty. Their first collaboration offers pointers on how to heal and reinforce healing in the era of self-isolation.

Lyrically grounded in inner reflection, Ramesh lays down truth bombs in her characteristic Carnatic-jazz vocal style. She comforts the listener through their anxiety and reminds them of their privilege as she croons, “Drink in all the small things you had all along.” Tre Ess’ soulful percussion, with R&B sensibilities, lends a rhythmic groove to her falsetto and spoken interlude.

Tre Ess aka Sumit Singh Solanki had his debut with 2016’s All Before Dawn, a stream-of-consciousness style rap album. Ramesh’s technique and unique style have made her a familiar face in the indie scene.  A singer and keyboardist for the all-female group Ladies’ Compartment, she is also a member of Voctronica, a six-piece acapella ensemble.

A rising voice in hip-hop, Solanki dropped his last EP, Sipping Off Troubled Waters, in March. Since the lockdown, Ramesh has been part of virtual music sessions like Social Indoors and VH1’s Quarantunes. Both artists have been praised for their ability to blend various musical styles.