Listen: Growing Up by Zeron

Sikkim and Bangalore-based singer-songwriter Zeron came out with her second release, an aptly named single called ‘Growing Up’.

Released on her birthday, the song talks about how disheartening every day becomes once you start assuming more responsibilities.

Perhaps no other lyric encapsulates the burdensome responsibilities of adult life than “Growing up is exhausting, As I am getting old”, and is bound to put a wry smile to the listeners’ ears. However, by the end, Zeron makes peace with the mundane affairs of life, saying: “I’m scared but I am learning, and life’s bringing the better understanding.

“This song is so special to me that I wrote it on a day when the cloud was darker and the night was longer,” writes Zeron, talking about the song. Produced and arranged by Pemba Tamang, Zeron also mentions how the duo fought through the challenges that came with lockdown and the monsoon rainfall to get ‘Growing Up’ to the studio.

Earlier this year in March, she also had a two-track release named ‘Changes’, which can also be categorised as coming-of-age songwriting. Fans of John Hughes should find solace in Zeron’s work.

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