Sosin Naomi Kent album cover art

Listen: Genesis, Pt. 1 by Sosin Naomi Kent is a heartfelt ode to love

The concept of love and writing or singing about love and relationships is as old as time. For something that permeates our collective existence so deeply, the number of interpretations and perspectives on this universal concept is staggering. Delhi based singer-songwriter Sosin Naomi Kent gives us her two cents on this idea in a succinct 12-minutes on her debut EP, Genesis, Pt. 1. Sosin was born and brought up in Nagaland with music being part and parcel of everything she did. After moving to Delhi, she has been a part of the Ao Naga Choir.

On the surface, Sosin’s music may seem like just another pop-folk crossover. However, there is an unrivalled edge of passion and authenticity behind every verse and vocal melody in her music. Genesis is essentially a personal and heartfelt documentation of her journey through the ethereal and sometimes cruel cornucopia of love. All the songs feature subtle instrumentation with a few strings here and a hint of a guitar solo there. What carries the songs are her grounded and versatile vocals. ‘Only If You Let Me’ is about giving time and attention to a significant other but getting nothing in return. This is in sharp contrast to the upbeat instrumentation with the enveloping strings and harmonies towards the end. This is followed by the punchy and straightforward ‘Never Stop Loving You’ before coming to a close with the acoustic and visceral ‘Beside Me’

The three songs on Genesis do not overstay their welcome. Sosin says what she has to say through crisp and straightforward verses and production which serves only to accent her voice and the theme without taking away from it.

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