Tabitha Kagoo - Ephesians 4:26

Listen: Ephesians 4:26 by Tabitha Kagoo

As a teacher for children with special needs, Chennai born and based vocalist Tabitha Kagoo has experienced vulnerability and patience in a way few of us will. In the past, she has rolled this hard-earned insight into her artistic collaborations with Sanjai Shine – Tabby and Sanjai. 

In her debut single, Kagoo brings the same sensibility. Born out of a clawing desire to express feelings surrounding particularly painful life experiences, the track is a cross between indie, folk and gospel music – influences more than apparent in her honeyed, sonorous vocals. The words she sings dwell upon the angst of emotional isolation and personal rage – somewhere between a confession and a chronicle. 

Kagoo ruminates upon the track’s title: “Ephesians 4:26 didn’t make sense to me as a child. But as an adult, when I was learning to let go, it helped me…it encompasses all the emotions – of conflict, struggle, anger, compassion and love – one might go through in the process of learning to let go.”

She brings these layers of human anguish into every verse; her voice a testament to her own suffering and the lessons she is being forced to confront, accept and internalize. 

Cushioned in dulcet strings, out of which Harmish Joshi’s clarinet distinguished itself with a particular sheen, Kagoo’s voice winnows and soars. She creates a safe soundcrafted corner in which the weary and the wistful can take their troubles for four minutes. The track navigates through warmth, resignation, reassurance and makes its way to acceptance. 

The song is an exercise in letting go, and is perfectly suited to lonely days, too-quiet nights, and those long walks you take to escape yourself.