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LISTEN | Ankur and The Ghalat Familys melancholic EP Duur

The pop-rock outfit Ankur and The Ghalat Family has released a new EP titled Duur. 

Holding onto three tracks and a runtime of eleven minutes, the album is layered with nostalgia and stories of love, life and relationships of the past. Ankur Tewari’s husky voice heightens the note of dismay in the opener ’Duur’ along with a bright arrangement of hushed acoustic and light percussion followed by the other two tracks that flow with an intense emotional resonance of their own. 

‘Jahan Tak Humein Yaad Hai’ features Komorebi on the melodica and gives the track an uplifting tone which juxtaposes beautifully with the melancholic words by Ankur.

The sultry string sections, Ankur’s voice lending layers of harmony shift in and out of the background. and the words and the storytelling give the EP a melancholic feel.

After their album Side A/ Side B, this one marks the outfits panache in delivering fine acoustic music. An easy listen at its best, Duur will take you by your heart and fill you with an odd sense of sadness and yearning for a lost love even if you have avoided heartbreak all your life.