LISTEN | Jatin Talukdars electric new single ‘Divergent Theory’

Out with his fifth single and a fresh one at that is the Mumbai-based guitarist Jatin Talukdar. With his previous singles, Talukdar had already raised the bars, and this one in collaboration with Aritra Basu on drums and Shawn Phulpagar on the bass sets up the new ones.

The experimentation in the single proves to be sonically spot on. Justifying the title by delivering a divergence of three musically driven minds, this single is far from monotonous. The rhythmic breakdowns and melodious licks have given the single a delightful turn luring the lovers of riffs and solos into a sweet dream. What’s commendable is the groove with which the drummer sneaks into the instrumentation and melody.

Jatin Talukdar has set foot in the scene with a bang and listening to ‘Divergent Theory’, it seems, he’s in it for the long haul.