Listen: Decision Fatigue by Lifeform

Delhi-based electronic trio Lifeform has mastered the ability to embrace technological evolution without compromising on the humanness of creation. Their latest release ‘Decision Fatigue’ via Export Quality Records is a four tracked EP that explores a unique space between futurism, relationships and desires.

This theme is made evident in the EP visualizer as well, which features rigid shapes and tones of electro coupled with organic spirals. Consisting of Akshat Pradhan on bass, Shantanu Sudarshan on the drums and Pranay Parti on the synth, the trio deliberates, “The only thing that comes close to a rule – the music should make the listener want to move”.

As far as living by the motto goes, Decision Fatigue is an unquestioned success. It kicks off with synth-heavy ‘Paroxysm’, which sets in stone the groovy undercurrents that surface throughout the EP. ‘Inert AI’ continues ‘Paroxysm’s undertaking. Sharp synth melodies leading to a powerful drop, the track makes it considerably difficult for one to sit still in a chair as it plays. Instrumentally, it entails a clever arrangement of minimal bass and keys coupled with simple drums that get more complex and as the song progresses. 

For what seems like a consistent pattern throughout the EP, the near-outro of every track is sprinkled with traces of glitchcore, embellishing empty spaces and leaving an ever-so-slight cyberpunk-esque aftertaste. ‘Cultured Cyborg’ features bubblegum bass-like sounds in the latter half of the song that eerily depict an accurate understanding of a cyborg’s voice. 

In order to carefully balance out the overall subhuman shade that the EP paints, parts of a serious-faced, truth-laden vocal sampling are embedded in parts of each track – most rampant in ‘Awareness’. It wraps up with ease, laying to rest the energy that the short venture evoked. Apart from being a home to every listener’s unique journey, Decision Fatigue stands to be an immersive sonic counterpart to a conceptual venture and a steady electronic feat.

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