Listen: Dear Us by Jeremiah De Rozario

Jeremiah De Rozario’s brand-new release, ‘Dear Us’, comes in the midst of a year when hope is a sentiment that has been in high demand. With a global pandemic still looming over us all, and months of uncertainty ahead, a song may seem like an unlikely antidote. But this one hits all the right spots.

The Kochi-based singer-songwriter has built quite the momentum over the past year or so—his previous offerings being ‘Run to the Ocean’ and ‘Mustard Yellow’. So far, every release has been characterised by a unique acoustic sparkle, indicative of his imminent sound. Joining the gang of acoustic tunes now, is ‘Dear Us’.

Starting strong with the lines, “Naive young mind, why do you cry? Did life not go the way you wanted?”, ‘Dear Us’ is a vulnerable and hopeful feat in songwriting. Enveloped in a joyous arrangement of piano strings, acoustic guitar notes and mellow percussion, the track is the musical personification of a warm embrace; of a familiar place.

Songwriting takes centre stage on this track. The lyrics are evocative and vivid. And, if you’re really listening, they can take you in, even if it’s just for those three minutes and seven seconds. Interestingly, for a song this hopeful, the writing begins with some heavy reflections. It’s the refrain that redefines it. In the pleasant chorus, Jeremiah croons, “I hope you can smile when you look back on life, and all of the light that holds you together, memories of skies and pretty brown eyes, and the bottle of whiskey that got you through the night.”

The track is familiar, meandering in the realms of indie-acoustic goodness. But, for some, this could be the sound of safety and reassurance in a time that offers neither.