CoronaGoes Bulli Bainbridge
Artwork by @juiekablooey

Listen: Corona Goes by Bulli Bainbridge ft. Rhys Sebastian

Drummer, songwriter, producer, trip-hop explorer – there are many hats that Zain
Calcuttawala dons. With his new single ‘Corona Goes’ released under his alias Bulli Bainbridge, he has added one more role to the list – that of a satirist. On this track, Bulli Bainbridge merges comedy and Covid over a lo-fi groove.

Built over a sample of Ramdas Athawale’s now-iconic ‘Go Corona’ chant, the track shows the world that we live in through a satirical lens and mocking disbelief. As audio snippets from ramblings of the media and a visual collage of the absurd yet true flow, Calcuttawala weaves them together with a wavy soundscape. Rhys Sebastian (of Bombay Brass) lends a dreamy touch with his tenor saxophone.

‘Corona Goes’ is a product of the times we are living in. Bulli Bainbridge uses his sonic style to present the absurdity and horror of the same, with servings of humour. The single is an attempt to get listeners to smile and have a lighter perspective. Filmmaker Omkar Potdar captures the essence of this idea perfectly through the track’s music video.

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