LISTEN: Cold Days by Bad Trip

‘Cold Days’ takes off with a burst of energy, powered by distorted guitar chords and a thundering drum, which is as surprising as it is hefty. It is the latest offering by Delhi-based five-piece punk outfit Bad Trip and a desperate plea for escape from a harsh world that is even more turbulent for independent artists.

The song’s chronicling phenomenon is feeling empty, lost and cold inside – that usually stems from uncertainties faced when trying to figure out one’s place in the world and attuning it to desires and abilities. Through cathartic and relatable lyrics, the band beautifully pinpoints the moments when we make ourselves believe that everything is alright, even when it’s not.

Musically, they opt for straight-laced punk rhythms in the lines of The Ramones. The plus point lies in their indulgence in how they sound, especially guitar tones – even though distorted, it is carefully crafted to improve upon the created mood. Alternatively, this grungy sound is balanced by tinkling arpeggios which borrow from ambient soundscapes in the interludes, creating a nice push and pull effect of contrasting sonic moods. This takes the song to a different level which most punk bands cannot execute.

The vocals are energetic and fit the larger thematic narrative, with a distinct flavour of helplessness. At the end of it, the song leaves the listener with a sense of hope for a better tomorrow as it also propagates overcoming the hurdles that life brings.