Maaya Mattoo

Listen: Blue Over You by Maaya Mattoo

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Maaya Mattoo has returned with the breezy ‘Blue Over You’. Her second original release, the single comes with an accompanying lyrics video made by Siddharth Singh. It is also the follow-up to her debut original track ‘Some Days’, a gentle guitar-driven ballad.

The pop-leaning, R&B-flavoured track broaches the uplifting moment of walking away from what no longer serves you. Conversational lyrics and warm vocals are anchored by an infectious guitar riff and rhythmic, head-bop inducing percussion. “I like groovy music so that’s what I wanted to do for ‘Blue Over You’”, says Mattoo, who decided early on that she wanted session artists on the track.

For the track’s tight instrumentation, she enlisted bassist Shashank Das and Suyash Gabriel of Kraken and Inalab on drums. It was co-producer/mix artist Madhavan Bhattacharjee who linked her up with the two. ‘Blue Over You’ was mastered by Anindo Bose, member of Advaita and contemporary-classical duo Shadow and Light. It was only after a month-long creative block that the artist figured out the direction for the track and roped in her collaborators.

2020 has been quite a busy year for Mattoo. The vocalist, who has been trained in Hindustani Classical, dropped a covers EP earlier this year, treating listeners to her takes on Pink Floyd to Lianne La Havas. For now, she has begun writing more original music to be released over this year. “My aim now is to come out with a single every two months.”

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