Listen: Be Patient by Hanita Bhambri

More often than not, we find ourselves in the fetal position taking refuge in the warm and empathetic lap of music. We turn to our safe and personal library of melodies for a shoulder to cry on and a hand to guide us through life. New Delhi based singer-songwriter, Hanita Bhambri has fully embraced the cathartic potential of a few strings and a genuine and authentic emotional approach. Her tale of being relentlessly loyal to her undying passion for creating music comes through fully and unapologetically in the melodies that she crafts.

Her breakout single, ‘Let Me Go’ and its music video turned heads all over and received widespread acclaim from an ocean of fans, enthusiasts, publications, magazines and critics. In this single, Hanita showcased a unique ability to be incredibly transparent about her vulnerable and sometimes fragile emotional state, without begging for the listener’s sympathy. These qualities are propelled to the stratosphere by her incredibly beautiful voice, for lack of a better word.

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With Hanita’s latest single, ‘Be Patient’, we see her experimenting more with melodic keys and acoustic guitars and a subtle synth-pop underbelly. The lyrics about being fearless in the pursuit of your true calling are endearing and explode into the catchy chorus “Be patient/ Don’t be complacent”. Her vocals effortlessly traverse up and down the scale, giving the impression of a precisely choreographed sonic ballet. The track gets more ambient with more instruments, backing vocals and synths being added in the background while her incredibly intimate voice remain firmly in focus. ‘Be Patient’ reaches the empowering prowess of early Katy Perry anthems without being overly grandiose or overstating itself. The roaring, orchestral choruses at the end open the flood gates to let loose all the bottled-up emotions.

‘Be Patient’ is Hanita’s answer to artists who chase gaudy and grandiose production with little substance.