Listen: Asar Tera by Semwal

Singer-songwriter and producer Shubham Semwal who goes by the moniker Semwal has put out his latest single ‘Asar Tera’, an infectious RnB/soul track.

The inspiration from the likes of Tom Misch and Daniel Caesar is visible, but the Chandigarh-based artist does well in making the song completely his. Mike Bono’s guitars set the tone for the song. Semwal’s vocals are smooth, and the keys, bass and harmonies make the song well-rounded.

Recorded at TweakTone Studio in Mohali, the song aims to take the listener on a journey of “new found love when you feel like you’re under a spell, losing your senses and often talking to nature”.

Semwal had released his four-track debut EP Elephant In the Room last year, that had flashes of solid potential. He has put out a few songs since, including ‘Tishnagi’, ‘Whiskey Sour’ and most recently, ‘Take Me Home’ that showcase the different styles in his repertoire. He comes through on the initial potential and promise in ‘Asar Tera’, a really well-executed and enjoyable track.

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