Listen: Arrows laid back debut single Spaces

Arrows - David Britto

The new year kicked off with a much needed slow-paced debut single by Arrows. The collaborative project is the brainchild of Mumbai bassist, David Britto. We are treated to the musical virtuosity of the likes of up and coming singer-songwriter Vernon Noronha and Brent Tauro, with production credits going to Ayan De.

At just under three minutes, the short track delivers a relaxing atmosphere worthy of your most potent stash of coffee. The vocals are soft and gently serenade the listener into some surprisingly dark territories. The protagonist seems to be stuck in the past while trying to recover from a recent traumatic incident which leads him down a tortured and self-destructive spiral. These themes are communicated to us tenderly, through soulful acoustic guitars and keys. The production is meticulous, yet restrained without overstating its presence.

The project is intimate enough to warrant playback on loop for hours and short enough to leave us aching for what Arrows has in store for the future.