Listen: Anisha Uppal releases two serene debut singles

Keys and the pristine female voice is a match made in acoustic heaven. New Delhi-based singer-songwriter Anisha Uppal’s debut is one such irrepressible amalgam of all things cathartic to the ears.

‘You Don’t Know’ is a gloriously serene affair and demonstrates the artist’s immense ability to control and manoeuvre through her vocal range. It also helps that the artist has a supremely amiable voice. The keys are sublime, supportive and content playing second fiddle to the vocalisation. There’s no blatant effort to go overboard on establishing synth skills simultaneously, thereby delivering an incredibly charming product.

‘Stand There With You’, the relatively more complex song, dabbles in adequately underexplored jazz-pop, with a tinge of Persian melodicism. Particularly impressive is the guitar solo that’s a string equivalent of the Texan drawl, the kind of slow-burner you yearn for on a gloomy Sunday morning, or any groggy morning for that matter. Anisha Uppal’s rather mellifluous turn in the song is also quite reminiscent of the works of Hindi Zahra, an artist with whom she shares a very distinctly identical vocal texture.

Anisha has everything going for her in the two songs that she has released, so much so that one might end up agog wishing there were more to be consumed. She has confirmed that there are a few more singles lined up for a release this year.