Listen: All Night / Without You by Kumail

Mumbai-based electronic music producer Kumail on Friday released two new tracks in the form of a double A-side single All Night / Without You.

The new single comes 16-months after his highly acclaimed 2019 release Yasmin and is in many ways an extension of the philosophy of the album. According to a press release shared by the musician, the tracks come from a happier place and pick up from where the album closer dance tune ‘Ease Up’ left off.

The first track, ‘All Night’, is a downtempo soul number and the highlight is the 80s style synth and the vocals which is run through a vocoder. ‘Without You’ turns up the tempo and uses the same tropes as the first track, but Kumail dials up the funk on this one.

Kumail released Yasmin via Brooklyn boutique label Bastard Jazz Recordings and the latest tracks also come under the same label. The electronic music producer promises more releases this year.