Listen: Again by Abdon Mech

23-year old bedroom singer-songwriter Abdon Mech has been slowly carving a nook for himself in the independent music scene with his touching lyricism and simplistic music. With releases like ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Last One’ already under his name, this Dimapur-based artist has dropped another heart-tugging release which stitches its flow through the storyline of the lives affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mixed and mastered by Wati Imchen, the acoustic number ‘Again’ was recorded at Mech’s home studio set-up and released onto major streaming platforms on Sunday. Abdon describes the song as a ‘reflection on the new reality’ that was brought about in everyone’s lives – from frontline warriors, the general public to politicians and more. Abdon has tried to place himself in others’ shoes and tell their story through the song.

The song features a delicate and beautiful balance of warm acoustic guitar riffs and melodies along with heartfelt lyricism. Abdon’s controlled yet vulnerable vocals have become an identity for him and his prowess on the track lends to the aural experience beautifully.

Abdon is now busy working on his debut EP which is set to release sometime this year.

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