Listen: Ace producer Your Chin breaks hiatus with Horticulturist

New single ‘Horticulturist’ marks the return of Mumbai-based producer and vocalist Raxit Tewari who goes by the stage name Your Chin. This is his first release in three years, marking the start of a new release cycle for Raxit in 2019.

Raxit says the idea for this track came to him when he started playing with his new synth. “I wrote a few bars and forgot about the sketch but it came back to me as a bit of a dance in the middle of this patch where I wasn’t having as much fun. At that point, it stuck. Lyrically, it takes a dig at the whole idea of not thinking things through and just being reactionary. There’s much of that happening right now,” explains Raxit.

In the same vein as his last EP Peeping Till It’s Noise, the Sky Rabbit frontman layers electro-pop beats against the backdrop of his rich voice. In true Your Chin fashion, the track is catchy yet pensive in its swinging instrumentation. A sad banger, if you will. Melancholy hasn’t felt this good.