Abhilasha Sinha - Mother cover
Photo | Kriti Bisaria

Listen: Abhilasha Sinhas debut single Mother

Simple words beautifully showcase both the mother’s protective love for her child and the child’s yearning for it, on Abhilasha Sinha’s debut single, ‘Mother’. The complex and layered music plays out two different acts alternately – one a soothing caress with gentle sonics, the other an angsty brood undercut by a fearful mood.

Currently pursuing Music Business at New York University, Abhilasha’s solo musical career seems to be on the right track with ‘Mother’ having all the signs and sounds of a professional and experienced artist. Her songwriting skills deserve praise, and she understands that less is more. She also understands what a song requires and evokes the required emotion in her voice faultlessly.

Mixed and mastered by her No Honey bandmate Keshav Dhar, ‘Mother’ is a sparse track, with a bed of piano lines and guitalele chords backed by rudimentary rhythm patterns. The string section is a sublime whisper, spreading its powerful wings only at the last, liberating chorus. Interestingly, the backing vocals have been sung by Sinha’s alma mater, the Western Music Society of Lady Shri Ram College.

‘Mother’ serves as a good demonstration of her abilities as a songwriter, especially with the announcement of a forthcoming debut EP.